Bulk Foods Supervisor

Bulk Foods Supervisor

Store Location: 

920 Heinz Avenue

Purpose:  To oversee the everyday operation of the Bulk Foods Department

Status: Reports to Bulk Foods Manager and Store Manager


Staff Development

  1. Train and develop staff on Performance Standards
  2. Schedule staff and oversee and approve time and attendance
  3. Give and receive feedback regarding job performance, Performance Standards, working conditions, etc. from all Bulk employees on an ongoing basis
  4. Complete evaluations in a timely manner

Customer Service

  1. Make sure customer Bulk special orders are filled properly and timely
  2. Assist customers in the department/store as needed

Sales Floor Area

  1. Ensure bins are adequately filled during all store hours
  2. Ensure bulk packaged products are attractively stocked and properly rotated
  3. Maintain case stack displays
  4. Keep all areas and equipment in clean and working order, including all bins, display shelves, bulk counter, packing and sales area. Report any needed repairs to store manager.

Receiving/Warehouse Area

  1. Compile daily receiving reports and forward to Department Buyer in a timely manner
  2. Ensure all orders are checked in properly, with any shortages/overages properly notated on each invoice
  3. Make sure all orders are put away properly, with everything organized, accessible, and all product rotated correctly


  1. Work with Department Buyer on planning and implementing product display and positioning on sales floor
  2. Maintain bin labels and other product signage


  1. Basic computer skills with a familiarity of Word, Excel, and internet
  2. Excellent customer service skills
  3. Demonstrated ability to handle multiple demands in a dynamic setting
  4. Demonstrated leadership
  5. Ability to project a friendly, outgoing personality and work as a positive team member
  6. Must have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, and be able to interface at all levels of the organization


  1. Flexibility in scheduling including evenings and weekends
  2. Be able to consistently lift 50 lbs
  3. Be able to stand for extended periods of time
  4. Be able to understand written and spoken English
  5. Basic math skills required
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